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Thread: December 2019 BFRs

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    I think Atomic Orange is my new favorite color. If you make a Petrucci, Luke or Cutlass in that color, I will be powerless to resist!
    Luke 2 Graphite Pearl MH
    Luke 2 Luke Blue
    Luke 2 BFR True Gold Rosewood
    Luke 3 BFR Boysenberry Quilt
    Luke 3 PDN Bodhi Blue Rosewood
    JP6 White Pearl MH
    JP6 PDN Starry Night MH
    Cutlass PDN Starry Night MH
    Cutlass Black

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    I LOVE the black binding on the Cutlass.

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    I was at a Guitar Center today. They had one of the Cutlass BFRs and it was super cool in person. I liked the texture on the finish too.

    Unfortunately even though it's in their amp/expensive guitar room room and locked up, it had a huge chunk taken out of the headstock. Pretty obvious since it has a matching face as the body.

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    I played the JP15 earlier today. Unbelievably beautiful, ACHINGLY beautiful and plays like a dream of course.

    On the fence if to acquire... I can barely imagine a guitar being more beautiful, but I like the way Majesty’s play slightly more, and at this price point that .2% difference in playability weighs on the mind a lot.

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    I saw the StingRay in person today. I really like orange, I really like flashy finishes. But it reflects so much light that I think it may classify as a star. Glad it's too flashy for me, keeps me from buying it.

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