I picked up a NOS SBMM JP6 a couple months back, and now that I've had some time with it I realize a few things.

1) It's really high output. Man, it kicks everything into drive when it's plugged in. I've been running it into every amp sim on the Helix and the amount of ooomph it's got is amazing. Even though it's high output, it's still crystal clear with a metric butt-ton of distortion.

2) It's extremely bright. I usually run my patches a bit brighter because all the FOH guys I've worked with always wants it a bit brighter than what I usually prefer. But man, I've only ever had to touch the Treble settings on the Helix maybe once since I've started using this guitar.

3) It's extremely picky about cables. I've got 2 cables that it doesn't like to play nice with. All my cables are done by me with good quality cables and connectors. But there's 1 that the JP6 will lose all of it's clarity, and another that it'll change the way the controls actually operate. I've dropped a replacement volume pot in there and it's still the same. Those two cables work really well with every other guitar I've got.

But yea, it's an incredible guitar. Just... picky about cables.