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Thread: NGD...coming soon! Dream guitfiddle

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    Very cooool!

    Great score! Congratulations!
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    Very nice! Hope it plays & sounds as good as it looks!
    Balls are Best!!

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    That's a gorgeous instrument. Heirloom quality, LOL.

    Enjoy and play it in good health!

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    Thanks guys! Blondie plays phenomenally. I've regretted selling my Black/Cream Reflex from the moment I listed it and as much as it saddened me to let her go, the monies from the sale went to a great cause. It was inevitable I'd get another but one with these specs were never a thought, as I had no idea this rare guitfiddle would surface!!! Thank you thank you thank you lol

    I prefer rosewood boards on almost all my guitars but there's just something about an EBMM maple neck/board... especially the Birdseye maple necks I've owned over the years. Whether it be Silhouette/Axis/Reflex, They're stunning in looks and feel as if I'm one with the wood. This particular Reflex neck is a bit dry, action is quite high and I think I will try some 9s for a change. Once those are addressed, I'm certain she'll be my numero uno and for a long time to follow. This is one I'll never let go and the same goes for my '86 Music Man. Thanks again to the Ball family for creating the best guitars in the world!

    *** I'll try and load more pics of this beauty in next few days ***

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    New Pics!!!

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