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Thread: [Story + pics] Armada discontinued, you say? I'd better stock up!

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    Those are great looking guitars! Nicely done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BUC View Post
    I have that (almost) exact black Armada. It's an amazing guitar.

    Had a similar sitch with the Reflex. Now I have 2 as the Reflex is my main axe.
    I just love the design. It looks so unique yet plays and sounds so familiar. And the playability is just out of this world. I would love to see some backstory on the construction method behind it, because it's the only neck-through guitar I have ever seen with a neck pitch and an angled headstock. I might make a thread about that, actually.

    I love the Reflex too! In between getting these Armadas, I also picked up a mint Reflex HSHP Gamechanger for a flat $1k that I could not pass up. Really, really nice guitar as well. The HSH GC has direct-mounted pickups instead of EBMM's super-adjustable pickup rings so the middle pickup interferes with my pick a bit sometimes, but since this thing is 99% a studio instrument, I'm not too worried about it. It's a better strat I've ever had, haha.

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    Both are awesome, but I have to say I like the black more. Something about a Black Armada reminds me of a chopper (bike). Y'all should have gotten one in the hands of Hetfield :P

    Also a Reflex owner here.. I see a trend here.. do we Reflex owners all love the Armada?

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    I'd like to get my hands on a black Armada, either trans black or all black (and no, I won't give up my blue one!)
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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