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Thread: Stingray and P90s??

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    Talking Stingray and P90s??


    I'm the proud new owner of a 2018 Stingray. I love it and it's probably one of the most comfortable guitars I've ever played.

    Random question...has anyone experimented with putting a set of P90s in a Stingray....replacing the stock HHs? if did it turn out? any specific recommendations on brand/model pickups?



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    A real nice set up is a bucker at the bridge and a P90 in the neck position.
    I took a chance a while back and bought a GFS humbucker sized P90 (don't recall which one at the moment...)
    I was very surprised with just how good it sounds!
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    Nice...yeah...if you have any info on the specific model (or anyone else has recommendations) I'd love to hear'em. I'm very inclined to go the route of a p90 in the neck

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    I'm starting to look seriously at some Duncan or Mojotone H-sized P90s. I'm just gonna do the neck pickup to see how I like it...but I'm leaning that way quickly . Out of 15 guitars...I have zero P90s need to address that ...

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    I just put a pair of Seymour Duncan Phat Cat's in Stingray RS and couldn't be happier.
    I love the original EBMM Humbuckers but there's just something about P-90s or better yet, Jazzmaster pickups that I love. If I could fit JM pickups in this guitar without routing I would. I have a set of Lollars in my JM that are incredible and I just put Fralin Humbucker-sized P-90s in my Les Paul and I'll never go back to Humbuckers. I will say that this Stingray RS is just the best guitar I've ever played. I just can't put it down and when I do I just stare at it. Such a beauty! Thank you EBMM for bringing this off-set back to life!!!!

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    i wonder what a Stingray with the MM90's would sound like? Maybe they'll make a few for a Vault offering?

    I wonder if the route would handle the MM90's?

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