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Thread: Help me choose my next Majesty guitar!

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    Help me choose my next Majesty guitar!

    Hi all,

    To anyone who played with multiple Majesty's :
    - How do the Sonic Ecstasy, Illuminator and Dreamcatcher/Rainmaker compared?
    - How much of a difference do the Mahogany wings + Maple top do Versus no top + Basswood wing
    - Is there any other JP models that have the same neck size and shape of the Majesty?

    Long Story / Blabla :
    I've purchased my first Majesty (and second EBMM guitar, had a JPX years ago) a few weeks ago.
    I absolutely fell in love with it after playing it, although I didn't dig the color much : Kinetic Blue.

    The guitar just sounded and played so great. Neck shape and size was perfect!

    All my other beloved instruments are sitting on the wall and each time I switch instruments (for a different tuning) and just have to go back to the Majesty. I've came to the realization : I need a second Majesty for a secondary tuning!

    Looking for suggestions on which models to go with.
    Considering, I have a 6 string 2019 Kinetic Blue.

    My initial thought have been to get a Stealth Black, but might as well go with one with a Maple top, Right? Or Perhaps with different pickups? Ohhh the dilemma...

    My options :
    • 2019 model with Maple Top and mahogany wings : Enchanted Forest or Blue Honu, most likely
    • 2019 Stealth Black (This will pretty much sound the same as my current Kinectic Blue )
    • Monarchy Majesty(I get my wood difference, but also different pickups with the Sonic Ecstasy)
    • A 2018 model with the Illuminators Pickup.

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    I say go with the Enchanted Forest, drop me a line - I've got a gorgeous one in stock!
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    Hi there, this is a clip I made about the defferent versions of the majesty. There are also a few sound examples. You can even jump between the guitars on YT. I hope this is helpfull. The Evolution of the Music Man John Petrucci Majesty Guitar - YouTube
    Regards, J
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    They all sound pretty much the same. Regardless of wings or pickups. Not to mention, you can always swap pickups. Go with the one that looks best to you.

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