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Thread: New Valentine - Is this a neck crack?

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    Thanks y'all! Appreciate the compliments. I'm very happy with it. That's really cool that you have one of these too @jones4tone. Only 44 others have them. :-)

    After I bought this BFR online I was a little remorseful and kind of wished I'd gotten one of the standard Valentines. After purchasing, I read somewhere that when the EBMM fretboards have binding that the edges weren't rolled and were a bit more squared off. Additionally, I had assumed this guitar had the standard gun wax oil on the neck (which is talked up so much) but this guitar has a thin satin finish instead. After getting it though, I don't have any regrets. The fretboard edges are a little more squared than they are on my cutlass, but the fretwork is so good and apparently that's what matters. Running my hand up and down the fretboard feels so smooth. The satin neck feels fantastic and is super easy to move around on. The frets are dead level. I really like that the fretboard feels very roomy in the higher registers on this guitar. I read somewhere that while the width of the neck at the nut is 1 5/8, that it widens to about the same width as a Les Paul at the 12th fret. Perhaps that combined with the narrow frets give it the roomy feel. The body shape sits very naturally in my lap and the guitar hangs well on a strap. The pickups sound fantastic. I was surprised at how clear the neck humbucker sounds. The single coil in the bridge is fairly hot and avoids sounding thin.

    I see why these EBMM guitars are addicting. This is my second now but I definitely see more in my future. I'll probably have to wait a while before getting another but that should give me time to figure out which one to pick. So many enticing options. So hard to pick.
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    The Valentine in general is a great guitar, and these bursts are especially great in my eye. There was one of these burst BFRs on the workbench, not yet fully assembled, in a picture that BP posted here as a tease just ahead of Winter NAMM 2017. At the time, it had a parchment pick guard on it, and I immediately fell in love with that guitar. The wait from then until late spring of 2018, when this model was finally completed, just seemed like forever, so much so that I ended up with a trans-maroon Valentine (one of the original 4 colors, but now discontinued) in the meantime. I love that guitar, too.

    I'm glad to hear you're loving yours! Enjoy.
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