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    Yes but go ahead Pete ...
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    My guess is a 9-string multiscale true temperament frets with a 6+3 headstock.
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    It's gotta be a Steve Morse SM-Y2D, it's the only EB I know of with that body + binding.
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    See you at NAMM! Pete, I’ll meet you in the dealer room. I’ve finally talked the store I do a little work for to stock some EBMM guitars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guitardan View Post
    My guess, is a Morse Super Strat type w/ contours (finally). Or a Cutlass w/ a maple top option.
    Man that would be awesome. I loved my Y2D in purple sunset. Such flawless fit&finish and playability. But because I have issues with the ulnar nerve in my right arm, I HAVE to have a contour there. So the Y2D got sold. Too bad, because I really loved that guitar.

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    Really hoping they announce a New JPXI Color Option ...
    I have money burning a hole
    In my wallet....
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    BFR Luke 2 Emerald Green Flame Top (which sucks)

    PDN Neptune Blue Luke 3 H/H

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    I know it is not a signature model of any kind.
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    Well I'm pretty damn curious. But we'll know soon!

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    i hope it's 24 frets.

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    Looks pretty nice. I don't need anymore guitars.......nope, no sir, nada....

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    Now that those have been announced wonder what other goodies will be revealed at NAMM

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    I need to get my hands on a Luke III and a Cutlass to decide which one is for me. I like the new colours on both of them!

    Also, I really like that EBMM keep going forward, with evolution and sometimes revolution, if needed. This is so much more interesting than the same old Lego(TM) with 60 years old parts and concepts.
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