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Thread: Happy Birthday Big Poppa!

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    happy b-lated b-day, b-poppa!
    blueburst Steve Morse Standard, Jan 03, 2005 pix
    pinkburst Albert Lee, Jul 13, 1994 pix
    cinnamon SUB1, Mar 08, 2004 pix
    vintage gold reflex, June 22, 2011 pix

    My Band: Groove Bang

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    Happy Birthday from Cleveland Ohio, thank you for the amazing products you make !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    Thanks it was a big one 65! wow Im old!
    Beats the snot out of the alternative...
    1997 Gibson Les Paul Classic
    1997 Ibanez RG570
    2001 Music Man Axis
    1993 Fender Telecaster
    1999 Fender Stratocaster
    2018 Charvel DK24

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    Happy Birthday Sterling
    My Children
    Music Man JP6 Sky Blue
    SBMM AX40D (GC Exclusive) Officially purple but looks pink
    Peavey Wolfgang (Custom Shop) Dark Blue Flame Top, Rosewood fretboard
    Fender American (All Rosewood Neck) Daphne Blue, w/Custom Shop Fat 50's

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