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Thread: Steve Morse - Does Humbucker orientation matter?

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    Steve Morse - Does Humbucker orientation matter?

    Hi everyone,
    Still totally loving and modding my PDN Morse. What a brilliant instrument!

    I added a coil tap to the Hums recently, and it activates the inner coils of the pickups, meaning they are closer and sound similar to the single coils already on the guitar.

    Does anyone know if physically rotating the Hums would make any difference to their overall sound? Trying to move the active coils of the hums to be the outside coils, hence give me larger tonal differentiation with the existing singles.

    Any help greatly appreciated!


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    Shouldn't make any difference, other than the location of the coil you're splitting. Btw using the outer coils won't sound all that different.

    You can also do the coil split with the outer coils w/o having to move the pickups- just requires a different wiring approach.

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    Thanks beej, very helpful as always.

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