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Thread: Valentine tone pot - why so great?

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    Valentine tone pot - why so great?

    I absolutely love the amazing tonal sweep I can get from the tone control on my Valentine. Itís like a dream tone control that I wish I had on other guitars. Think there is any way to recreate it on another guitar? I know there are variables like single or double coil pickups that figure in, but this is the tone control I want on everything now.

    I understand these are the specs: 500k push/push passive tone with .022ĶF tone capacitor

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    I'm guessing to recreate it in another guitar you need to install a 500k push/push passive tone with .022ĶF tone capacitor

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    JLbasscatcher, that may well be the case.
    From what I’ve read it has a lot to do with a combination of pot and cap values to complement the character of the pickups and even the basic voice of the guitar to get the sound you’re after. Some kind of magic that takes a lot of experimentation that I have yet to spend time soldering my way through.

    What amazes me so much about this guitar’s tone control is the pretty heavenly Wah-Wah-like sweep available. I don’t need the push/push to add this sort of tone controlness to the other guitars I’m thinking about doing this with. I may well wind up with a handful of different value caps and pots and a day at the workbench smelling solder to learn more first-hand.
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