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Thread: Luke iii owners question on trem arm

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    Luke iii owners question on trem arm

    The trem arm is a bit long for my liking, has anyone modified this, is it possible to remove the tip and saw an inch off and push the tip back on the shortened arm?

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    I’m sure you could. I shortened a Strat trem years ago. The plastic tip was screwed on and it worked fine just pressed on the shortened arm. You can always order a new trem arm from Music Man.

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    I've thought about doing this myself, only thing that stands in the way is that the metal/plastic tip screws onto the end of the trem arm... you'd have to super glue it on to the arm or something after resizing it (or re-thread the arm), but as dude above mentioned above you can always order a replacement from EBMM.

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    Or get it rethreaded from a near by machine shop, most should be able to do it and it shouldn't cost that much.

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