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Thread: Cutlass Pickup Covers & Knobs

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    Cutlass Pickup Covers & Knobs

    Does anyone know if the plastic covers that come on the Cutlass pickups are the same spec as anything else you can buy on the market, or are the dimensions proprietary to Music Man? I just bought a used Cutlass RS HSS which I can't wait to receive, but I'm already thinking about customizing it a bit.

    Same for the control knobs - are they the kind you can pop on and off with force, or are they screwed into the potentiometer shaft like the JP model knobs? I'd probably end up changing these out as well.

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    Standard strat-style knobs.

    I don't know if the single coil covers are non-standard. They look pretty standard and I'm would hazard a guess that the only thing to watch out for is the width of pole pieces and you should be fine. The humbcuker cover, I have no clue.

    Perhaps when the EBMM crew are recovered from their NAMM extravaganza Daniel could ask?
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    Thanks. I guess I could always get some different ones and see what works, they are cheap enough. It would be cool if they had Cutlass pick guards and parts in the online shop like they do for the Stingray bass. It's pretty cool that they've started doing that.

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    YES, you can change out the covers. I swapped out two of mine for silver covers. Super easy. Can't get you specs, but I'm pretty sure it was standard sizing.

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    Nice. Well that pretty much settles it. The finish on mine will be charcoal sparkle, so that gives me an idea of what it will look like with a black scratchplate.

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    You can buy the Cutlass plastics from Music Man.

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    Yeah, if I need to do it thru customer service I will. I need a new nut for my old Sub1 anyway. May as well make it a bulk order.

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    I too can confirm they are standard dimensions
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrapperJ View Post
    I too can confirm they are standard dimensions
    Cool. That will make things a bit easier.

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