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Thread: Majesty owners. I need help with these Humbuckers! Want to swap them out

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    Majesty owners. I need help with these Humbuckers! Want to swap them out

    I've posted this several times but am still really confused as to what's going on within my EBMM JP Majesty 2018 with Illuminators in both Neck and Bridge. I've been told "IF" I order a set of humbuckers with Covers, they will not fit properly in the guitar without some 'shaving'.
    If this is such a pain, is there a DiMarzio made Humbucker that would just fit right in and not need the shaving and such?
    My goal was to go with Bare Knuckle but from what I've been collecting, that might not be an option.

    Anyone out there understand what it would take for me (a Paramedic not Lutheir) to install new HH in this guitar?
    EBMM JP15 Majesty 2018- Arctic Dream (with Illuminators but want to upgrade my Humbuckers but am scared)
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    You can special order a DiMarzio humbucker set with the Majesty PCB and quick connect instead of the normal legs and cables. I suspect that some humbuckers will be too fat for this to work, but im sure that DiMarzio can tell you which pickups are able to be made with the Majesty setup.

    If by any chance you are wanting to put vintage style pickups in your Majesty, i have done it and am really happy with the result - DiMarzio PAF pro in the neck, Suhr SSV in bridge = Dad rock / Blooze tones that i like with supreme ergonomics, playability, and specs of the Majesty. IMO to get true vintage tone from a Majesty you have to mod it to passive operation, but thats a whole other can of spaghetti
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