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Thread: How to get single coil sound on EBMM BFR Majesty? (charred silver)

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    Arrow How to get single coil sound on EBMM BFR Majesty? (charred silver)

    So, I was doing a little research online and stumbled upon a video (JP MAJESTY WITH SINGLE COIL SOUND - YouTube) that shows you how to modify your Majesty in a way that gives you a single coil option. I have the EBMM BFR Charred Silver Majesty and was curious if I could go ahead and use this same method to achieve these results. If anyone could give me a yes or no or point me in the right direction, that would be very helpful.

    Thank you, have a good one.

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    The middle position with the tone knob popped up is both pickups split.

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    If your circuit boards look like the ones in the Video then it will probably work. If they look completely different (and much simpler) then you have the new circuit design and it might not work.
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    If you feel you can't do it... why not?

    Just remember to come back here and post the results, these mods are amazing!

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    I want to hear more on the mod...please.
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