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Thread: Question: Sterling Silhouette vs Cutlass HSS?

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    Question Question: Sterling Silhouette vs Cutlass HSS?

    I'm thinking about changing my Sterling Silhouette (black) and getting a Sterling Cutlass HSS (stealth black).

    Basically, I don't like the glossy finish and the contours around the horns and would like the 'strat' type look of the Cutlass.

    Can anyone tell me how the playability is from the one to the other? Tone I can take care of with pickups and amps but wanted to get an idea of the 'feel' of the Cutlass as there aren't any Sterling/EBMM dealers around me.
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    I can only tell you that the Music Man (not the Sterling) guitars.

    In terms of body shape, the Cutlass balances just as well as the Silhouette but the Cutlass has a slightly longer headstock and a longer body, the lower bout near the input jack is slightly emphasised by the offset body shape. All of that affects the feel of the guitar on your body, in particular the position of the bridge and neck relative to my body is slightly different but it didn't take me more than a fews days to get used to. Now I can switch seemlessly between the two guitars with zero problems.

    When I pick up my old MIJ 62 RI strat, I hate it! It feels too square, too clunky, too blocky, the 6-screw bridge is crummy, and the long six-a-side headstock seems totally ridiculous. And I remember how when I bought that guitar I sat and stared at it thinking it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!

    Funny thing is that when the Cutlass came out I really didn't like the look at all. Now I can't imagine life without it!

    The Silhouette Special and Cutlass necks are identical above the 7th fret. The Cutlass has a gentle v-shape near the nut. But the necks on the Sterling instruments are different to the Music Man necks. I know that's not a lot of use for you but I don't recall anybody saying they were substantially different each other.
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