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Thread: How does valentine feel?

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    How does valentine feel?

    I like everything about the valentine on paper except for lack of forearm contour. Read somewhere that its thinner in that area but wanted to hear from anyone who likes forearm contour that has played one.

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    I don't find the Valentine to be uncomfortable on my forearm. I like the contour on my L3 and my Cutlass, for instance, and I'm sometimes (not always) bothered a bit by the lack of one on my Axis SS. The thickness of the Valentine with the taper it has may be part of that, but I tend to think it has more to do with the fact that it has a radius on the edge, so that it's not as sharp as the Axis' edge, and also the fact that the Valentine's larger body places the edge farther up my forearm, where I have more muscle than where the Axis hits the arm. I don't know if that makes sense, but that's my take on the Valentine. I find it perfectly comfortable to play.
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    It feels dang fine
    Mine has the body binding and it still feels comfortable to play.

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    It feels great to me, if I could only have one guitar this could be a contender as it does everything.
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    I'm going to say the Valentine is incredible. Shameless plug, but just to make you aware mine is for sale in the for sale section. I'm letting it go for an amazing deal too. The guitar can do it all and has so many cool features to it. Good luck. I figured if I have to unload, would love for it to go to someone in this forum. Keep on creating.
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    They definitely get narrower towards the top. It's a nice touch because it kind of shifts the weight so it naturally leans back towards your body. I go back and forth between a Valentine and a Cutlass and never once thought it needed a contour.

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