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Thread: So what is the life expectancy of a Majesty?

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    So what is the life expectancy of a Majesty?

    So first off - I'm a big fan of both Petrucci and EBMM, and I'm not looking to start a rumble here :-)

    Since I started playing in the last century I've been an Ibanez guy, until I got a JP6 early last year. Fabulous guitar, love the feel & how it plays, and would love to make the leap to a Majesty, but frankly the electronics (and the complexity thereof) scare me.

    My Ibanez axes are simple, any tech can fix them - not so with EBMM. There's a lot of proprietary tech tucked inside those mahogany bodies, and I tend to keep things for a long time (my first Ibanez, an RG360 I've had since '91, still sounds great). Is it the expectation (all else being equal) that I can drop $5k on a majesty and have it until the day I die? Or do I accept that at some point it will be too complicated / costly to fix?

    I know this is a potentially touchy subject, and I've heard nothing but great things about the service team, but what have the experiences been so far in the few years the Majesty has been available? Any recurring issues or weak links?


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    If you take care of it, it should last longer than you....
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    What xjbebop said.

    If you're worried about the tech that's in the Majesty, it's state of the art now. Fast forward 10 years down the road, and it's probably more commonplace. That means more techs know how to deal with it, and service on it is cheaper. I mean, even LPs have circuit boards in them now.
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    Hard to predict the future, but I would be extremely surprised if nobody could fix Majesty guitars 50 years from now. And if that happens, just change it to a passive pickup guitar.

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    Well, I bought me first Majesty 5 years ago and I bought a few other Majesties and they all work great. So from that point of view I would say the life expectany is at least five years.....My solution for electronical failure in the future would be to remove the curcuit board and wire everything in a conventional way. That mod would not be expansive at all. Maybe I wire the Piezo Switch to a single coil selector. Until now there is no need to repair one of my majesties. The guitar as a mechanical construction should be very sustainable....Regards, J
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    Thanks for the replies, I'll keep an eye out for a good opportunity. Cheers.

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