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Thread: I'm restringing all my guitars because of this video

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    All I know is for me I want to enjoy playing and not fight my guitar anymore . I lowered my action on my Morses went from 10s to 9s and 8s and have been enjoying it.
    I do have a strat that has 12 s on it that I do finger exercises on.

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    I played 8s for years, but fell into that "real players don't use skinny strings" junk in college. Now I run 9s on everything except my Les Paul. I just moved it from 10s to 9.5s.
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    On the SRV subject, I just finished a recent biography of him, Texas Flood, and this exchange between a longtime friend and newly sober SRV caught my attention:

    After he stopped doing drugs, I said to him, "You're playing on .011s now. What happened to the big strings?" And he said, "I stopped doing cocaine, so I can't do that anymore - I can actually feel my fingers now!"
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    This is a great thread
    I did my own string gauge comparison over a course of years. What I heard in the video only enforced my decision. It just sounded right to me.
    I wish they would have included a high end tiny string melody section to go with this comparison. Anybody up for making that video?
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    I found the balanced tension sets have been my favorite so far. Going from 9-9.5-10s I've never really noticed ton difference. I just notice how they feel. Once I get the gauge size out of my head and just focus on feel, I like the balance tension the best.

    My biggest problem is finder a set of strings that feel the same tuned to Eb. a full gauge difference doesn't equal the same feel. Half gauge is closer. Oh well.

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    I've been on 9.5's for many years, tuned to standard pitch. My band might be dropping everything 1/2 step, contemplated going up to 10's but several of my guitars that I gig with regularly would need nut work. May just tune down and get used to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolhandluc View Post
    I found the balanced tension sets have been my favorite so far.
    Yep, same. Have settled on balanced tension 10s and feels just as comfortable to me as 9s.
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    I'm restringing all my guitars because of this video

    After a few years of classical lessons in the early 2000s, I had to up my electric strings to 11s. Classical guitar got me addicted to that feeling of resistance ... the strings fighting against me!

    This went on for 17 years, and was the source of tuning problems, nut filings, adjustments, wisecracks about plumbing pipes, etc ... However, apparently old age is getting the best of me now as all 15 or so of my electric guitars are back to 10s. And guess what? No more tuning or nut slot issues, not even on my Strats!

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    It's all about what makes you play better and feel better. I like 9s. Always have. If you put a guitar with 9s or 11s in Eddie's hands, he will still sound like Eddie. Tone comes from within. You should play whatever makes it easier to express yourself. Then your tone will come out. Test everything out and just play what feels right.
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    With all this time on my hands lately , I’ve gone through a bunch of strings on different guitars . I think I like 8s In standard and 8.5 in in E flat the best . I’m really loving the new mighty slinky’s.

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    Used EB .011s on most everything for the sound but decided I didn't want to work that hard and went to .010s, though I prefer Elixirs in that gauge. Took delivery of a Reflex hardtail that had .008s, and I spent a fair amount of time playing and liking it that way. I finally put .010s on it and didn't like it as much. Wound up selling it. Just took delivery of a USA hardtail Strat (everything I have is a hardtail...) that was wearing .009s and liked that feel, too. Of course, I had to tinker, first with .0095s, then .010s. Put .009s back on and am deciding whether to keep it. I have an EBMM Silo Special SSS that plays rings around it, so the Strat is kinda redundant.
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    What the video sort of assumes is the standard tuning on guitars with standard scale length

    I have a lapstick electric, which is 20” tip to tip, so I went to 11s to make up for the slinkiness of the micro scale length. Might even go to 12s because I use standard tuning. It is fun being able to bend up a fifth!
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    As an old duffer who had difficulty in the dark distant past who could only get heavier gauge strings in the UK I was delighted when lighter gauge strings became readily available.Since then I've used 9's on any of my guitars that have a 25 1/2 " scale length and on the 24 3/4" scale guitars I use 10's but may try 9's at some point.
    I have a Byrdland which at 23 1/2" scale length I use 11's but I am looking at going down to 10's.On all my acoustics I use 10's. My old arthritic paws are grateful for anything that makes playing easier.The biggest drawback I found was adjusting my playing technique to avoid too much pressure on the fretboard.The death grip as I call it can be a hard habit to lose when heading down the string gauges but in the long run it's a less stressful experience once you get used to relaxing whilst playing.However my advice to anyone going down the gauges especially on an acoustic where most acoustics come out of the factory with 12's ! is get it professionally set up it really makes all the difference. May I say to you all with current COVID-19 pandemic Be safe,Practice and comply with safe distancing ( imagine a dead relative lying between you and your family member and want to avoid that scenario so about 6 ft) and please wash your hands.Be safe and stay at home ,avoid crowds or friends.
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    I use 10s on everything except my LIII. I went back to 9s on that one just to use up the 9s I had on hand. I may be keeping it that way and going back to 9s on my Axis SH.

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    I mostly have always used 9's maybe once in awhile some 10's now I am going back to 8's for many reasons including age, sucks getting old

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