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Thread: Where to get Music Man Cutlass battery compartment?

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    Question Where to get Music Man Cutlass battery compartment?

    Hey there,

    My Cutlass sat in its case for awhile. When I just took it out and wanted to put the battery in I noticed that those tiny little prongs of the battery compartment's inner lid where broken off. Can't figure why.
    Anyway! Here's my question, I hope someone can answer:

    Where do I get a replacement?
    I live in Germany.

    I'm not too keen on buying a third party spare part (if there are any that would fit) since the original compartment is stamped "Music Man" and I'd prefer to get one of those.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I would contact Pro Music Tools in Munich
    they should be able to get the Replacement Part from the German EBMM Retailer, Musik Meyer.
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    Thank you, Dave!

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    I contacted Pro Music Tools.
    And guess what: They have one battery compartment on stock.

    Case closed. Thanks again!

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