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Thread: Stingray RS vs St. Vincent

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    Stingray RS vs St. Vincent

    Hello everyone,

    New here, first post, so donít shoot me if this has been covered as I searched but couldnít really find anything. I was pretty set on getting a new Stingray RS in firemist silver. A friend of mine has a Stingray and I like the way it plays, but then my Sweetwater Rep did what they do best and decided to play devils advocate and brought up the St. Vincent HH. I never paid much attention to it but each time I look at the pictures of it I find myself liking it more and more, plus the charcoal sparkle, black pick guard and black hardware just looks killer to me. So, my question is, what is everyone elseís opinion in terms of versatility and sound, which do you all prefer. Also, which do you believe has hotter pickups or are they roughly the same?

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    I believe the St V pickups will be hotter. Not played the HH but very happy with my 3mh
    I haven’t played a stingray tho so can’t really help beyond that
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