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Thread: Help set up

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    Help set up

    Don't know what happened but I haven't played my AL BFR SSS for a while and found it "unplayable" two days ago.

    The strings are very far from the neck. I tried to lower the saddles, a bit, but then (although the strings are still very high) all the notes I bend from the 12th fret up die immediately. It buzzes like hell!

    I'm tempted to give it more relief but then, the strings will be even further...

    HELP guys!
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    Sounds like relief is exactly the opposite of what you need. Try adjusting the truss rod the other way.

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    The 'normal' rule is = truss rod effects 1st to 12th fret action ; saddle height effects 12th on up action...
    Part of the 'trick' is finding a balance of the two.
    Start with the truss rod adjustment...
    search out some youtube videos on neck set up if needed.... and let us know how it's going.
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    Yeah, check the neck relief. Sounds like the neck has a lot more relief than it needs. Remember, under string tension the saddles really won't change heigh of their own accord. But the neck wood can change shape with changes in temp and humidity. So, any unwanted change is probably due to neck relief changes. Adjusting the saddles is often unnecessary.
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