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Thread: Hunter Hayes model static noise

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    Hunter Hayes model static noise

    I'm hearing static type noise in all pickup positions when not touching the guitar. It's really more of a hiss. When I touch the strings or the bridge it stops. I've changed out the battery to no avail. Tried different cords to no avail. I play through a Kemper and have tried different speaker setups to no avail. And this morning just used the headphone out. The noise was obvious and it stopped with the touch of the strings and bridge. So it's definitely happening with the guitar. I've read about trim pot adjustments. Does this model have one and where is it located? Any other suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Sounds like a grounding issue and with the wiring in that, I’d have no idea where to start. Reach out to customer service. I’ve got the same guitar and not had this problem myself
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    The output jack may be wired backwards.

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    I am having the same issue, with my HH which I bought earlier this year. It makes a hiss/hum in all positions, that goes away when I touch the strings. Were any discoveries made about how to resolve? It is pretty frustrating, and I am a bit disappointed to be honest. The neck sure is amazing though...

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    At high gain/distortion settings some noise that vanishes when you touch the strings is normal and unavoidable. It is not necessarily indicative of a ground problem in your guitar. If you have such noise with a clean guitar tone that is obvious at low volumes, you might have a problem in you house/apartment.

    Your guitar might NOT have a ground problem - YouTube
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