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Thread: Need new neck for my St Vincent!

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    Need new neck for my St Vincent!

    Hey. Sad first post, but had an incident where the neck of my sterling stv60 got so damaged that it's not playable or fixable anymore. Basically there's a massive dent in the back to bottom of it, and a chunk of the fingerboard popped off too, so there are a couple of frets just dangling mid-air from the neck. It's not pretty, haha!

    Is it possible to buy music man necks anywhere? If not, what are the aftermarket options that will fit (without much modification)? I got the guitar used from a friend in the US, so going back to the store for help isn't an option. I live in Norway. I found this forum through google. Tried searching for similar threads on here, but the couple I found gave me no answer as to what neck would work.

    Thanks for your time!
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    For an StV60 you’d need to contact Sterling by Music Man customer services. If they were to sell you one they would probably ask for the busted neck to be returned to them. Reach out to them via their website
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