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Thread: Question regarding nuts and strings.

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    Question regarding nuts and strings.

    Unlike everyone who seems to say what gauges should go on which tunings, I don't have a guitar for every tuning drop a# to standard. I've decided that for my Sterling JP150 I'm gonna put on a set of Beefy Slinkies. Would I need to file the nut at all? I havent done any work to it, and right now i have power slinkies.

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    to add to this, what method for filing my nut, if necessary, should i use. preferably without having to purchase anything

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    Gotta say I never filed a nut on a guitar or bass before. Go too deep and you will have issues. If you have never done it before I would suggest getting someone who does this for a living. Local luthier should not have any issues with it at all. My 2 pennies.
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