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Thread: De Quervaine's Tenosynovitis

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    De Quervaine's Tenosynovitis

    Well... Im now a member of this club. It hurts when I play, no doubt. Weakness in both hands included with this. Been getting worse over the last year or so and have decided to try and take a proactive approach after my orthopedic guy failed to even diagnose it. Adding insult to injury, Im also dealing with Tendonitis in the long tendon of my left bicep.

    In any event, De Quervains in both thumbs... at the base, right at the wrist.

    Thought Id share a good article that includes stretches and exercises as reference to any knuckleheads who may be afflicted here:

    De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis: 10 Exercises

    Be well everyone!


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    Maybe admin can fix my title? Stupid copy/paste!

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    Good info Flash. A guitar forum is an odd place to find it but I may to ask my dr. I just looked it up and my symptoms pretty much match it. I went to a neurologist a few years ago who said I have nerve damage in my hands but it's "not exactly carpal tunnel". All he did was give me a brace to sleep in.

    I need better insurance....

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    Orthopedic hand surgeon here. Hence the user name 'thepod'...orthopod....anyway.

    Good advice given above. If you do have symptoms that don't resolve with exercises, anti-inflammatories and/or bracing (I recommend a thumb spica style brace as it immobilizes the thumb better), see a hand specialist. Cortisone injections around the tendon sheath can resolve the problem and a small surgery can fix it as well if it's chronic. Most important is to have the correct diagnosis as there are several other things in the area such as carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb/wrist arthritis, and even problems with nerve compression in your neck that can cause wrist and hand pain and weakness.

    Here a good place to look for a hand surgeon near you.
    Find a hand surgeon.
    Handcare Find a Hand Surgeon

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    I edited the thread title so it doesn't loom like spam. Otherwise I have an instinctive moderator's reaction to delete and block the originating poster!
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    I'm a 65 year old guy who is starting to experience some of "life's barnacles" and started suffering with this syndrome 2 weeks before Xmas. It's now cured .... It was diagnosed with a very simple test by my doctor who passed me to a physiotherapist ... He confirmed that was what I had. The doc gave me a cortisone shot. A friend of mine.. similar age and an ex pro guitarist showed me some good links for exercises on you tube.
    Stay confident and do the exercises. Over the last 10 years I've had lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) that took quite a while to sort, and two incidents of trigger finger of the left hand different fingers both treated with cortisone and both are great now?
    Take my advise and stop thumb texting otherwise the barnacles you may get at 65, will be much bigger than mine :-)
    The simple test used on me for this syndrome was ..... Clench your fist with your thumb inside not outside the fist. Then, holding your hand /arm out, tilt the clenched fist down towards the floor. I instantly had severe pain. Now I have no discomfort.
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    De Quervaine's Tenosynovitis-ce33852b-910a-41eb-931f-1675d187c1fc-jpgThanks everyone for your input! Really appreciate the encouragement!

    Also to DrKev for not deleting!

    Ill be 45 the end of this year... I have a lot of time left (fingers crossed), but do have neck & shoulder issues that may or may not be affecting my thumbs. More likely than texting (which I usually do with just right thumb), it is from my hobby of making copper wire trees of life. Havent been making any this year because of the pain. Check out the attached for an example of my hobby work! Ill be seeking treatment immediately as it has been quite painful.

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    Those are good exercises and stretches even if you aren't having serious issues yet. Playing guitar, piano, and many other instruments often involves moving our hands in ways that can cause issues. One of the reasons I first started taking guitar lessons is that I wanted to have someone really drill into me how to properly hold the guitar neck to avoid strain. My fretting hand also has to hold a trombone with extra valves, which also can pose a problem.
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    I was diagnosed with this years ago. Working on an assembly line for 2 decades really hurt me. It sucks for sure. Some days I cannot play at all. I have 4 or 5 days a month that, for whatever reason, are pain free and I can play almost as good as I did when I was in my 20's. Most of the time.....not so much.
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    good luck!

    My left hand goes numb from time to time... for weeks at a time. It sucks!

    wishing you the best

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    These are great stretches and info here. Always appreciate hearing from a hand surgeon.
    People if you ever have a hand issue where you need to go see a doctor about your hand, Go the the hand surgeon.
    Please also consider seeing the specialist first for issues with eyes and teeth.
    Other places I see people doing hand stretches, I can figure out these are not exercises for musicians.
    I've been playing since before there was a Silhouette guitar. The Eagles song is good advice on this level too.
    Take It Easy.
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