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Thread: Where was pickup selector switch or on 2004 Stingray?

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    Where was pickup selector switch or on 2004 Stingray?

    This one was stripped canít see any wood fill on upper horn where I assumed pickup selector switch would be. Guy says itís a 2004 USA.$_59.JPG
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    Is this from an ebay auction? Do you have a link?

    It's not a Stingray guitar, they didn't exist until 2016. I'll bet that's a Sub1 guitar with the finish taken off. My first thought was a Silhouette Special but it have the bevels on the horns. The scorch marks on the wood suggest a heat gun was used to take off the paint, which was a single thick layer. That's about where the switch would be.

    Here's a nice example (which has had the paint sanded off the neck and an extra switch added)...

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