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Thread: Another "Fell Back in Love" Post (And a Tone Block Question)

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    Another "Fell Back in Love" Post (And a Tone Block Question)

    I haven't played guitar in almost 11 years. My friend (drummer) moved to another state and we all stopped jamming together. With lots of kids, my "free" time isn't really free for me So, I didn't even play for fun. Hats off to my mom who asked if I have been playing the guitar to relax during these stressful times. I couldn't come up with a good reason why and out came the guitars.

    Back when I was playing regularly I had decided to sell my 20th Anniversary Silo. I can't even remember exactly why other than maybe funding another purchase. At that time, I enjoyed playing my Silo Special more and I guess I didn't appreciate how special the 20th really is. Man, I can't put the 20th down. The tone is so amazing and it's so easy to play. They truly are special guitars and it's made me wonder why in the world I would have ever considered letting it go. If you ever get a chance to play one....please do so. And if you ever get a chance to buy one, I don't think you'll regret it.

    On to the question: I love the tone on the 20th. Even unplugged the guitar has a wonderful sound. I assume this is credit to the use of the mahogany tone block. I seem to recall years ago that some of the BFR's and maybe the 25th had a tone block. I was curious if that is something still being done on the newer BFRs. I didn't see references to tone blocks on the website for the current lineup of MM guitars.
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    In the current lineup, I believe the only model that has it is the "John Petrucci Figured Top," which is the new name for the JP BFR. And the JPXI if it's still being offered. But I haven't seen it on any of the limited run BFRs.

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    Luke III BFR Models have the tone block for all colors except Koa which has a Mahogany body
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    Billy Tennessee is correct regarding the John Petrucci figured top, and the JPXI is still being offered
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    I agree loved the 20th, only one of two EBMM's I had that I regret selling. Googled 20th Anniversary and it returned some pics of the last 20th I owned, definitely should be a keeper

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