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Thread: Any of y'all swap pickups in a St. Vincent HHH?

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    Any of y'all swap pickups in a St. Vincent HHH?

    My St. V is, without a doubt, the best built guitar I've ever owned.

    The Dimarzio Minihumbuckers, however, are not entirely to my taste. I think I see why Annie Clark chose them -- they have great string-to-string definition and hold together under even the highest gain/fuzz or most layers of effects -- but if I strip away most of the processing that she puts on her guitar parts, I'm left with pickups that sound, to my ears, a little flat.

    Not dark, exactly, but largely lacking the chime and harmonics of my favorite guitars.

    Again, this makes sense to me, as my chimey, very harmonically rich guitars tend to go mushy or abrasive under heavy gain. Horses for courses.

    But I'm curious if anyone has played around with alternate pickups in these? I'm tempted to keep this one as-as and grab another one to toy with, but I'm not sure what direction I want to go. Possibly something hotter/darker/chunkier in the bridge, and a couple of MUCH brighter pickups on the middle and neck.

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    Well, which guitars do you like? Mini humbuckers are going to sound like mini hums. They are probably firebird style, so they are definitely a different sound than full size humbuckers or single coils.
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