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Thread: Luke 3- No Sound

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    Luke 3- No Sound

    I have been using my Luke 3 continuously with no issues and love it.
    Yesterday out of no where, I lost the sound.
    Nothing at all. i thought at first i heard some static, but then nothing.
    I changed the battery, cable and even connected it to another amp i have that i know works, and got the same thing.
    Monday i am bringing it into a reputable luthier by me to see what the problem is.

    Any ideas at all?

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    Hard to say without looking at it. If you're getting nothing, I'd think power. If the battery is fine, make sure it's properly connecting to the terminals in the battery box (and the output jack). If you have a multimeter, measure voltage at the board.

    Drop Music Man a line - they can help with the diagnosis. Email Daniel - [email protected].

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    Thanks very much, I will do that now.

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    Ernie Ball support got back to me pretty quick, with allot of info.
    I did another visual and everything is intact, so i am guessing something fried.
    Unfortunately I don't have a meter to check the voltages as EB asked me to do, so i am dead in the water now.

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