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Thread: Majesty Bridge-Worn plating & misc gripes

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    Majesty Bridge-Worn plating & misc gripes


    I purchased an EBMM Majesty new just over 3 years ago (April 2017).
    Sapphire Blue. I honestly have less than 50 hours playing time on this guitar.
    But already, the smoked chrome is badly worn on the top edge.
    Anyone else have this issue? Not too happy about this. Seems like
    a pretty poor plating job.

    Also, I have to adjust the neck very frequently on this guitar.
    Always moving! I've got lots of other instruments in the same conditions,
    but this one is very temperamental. If you bring it closer to flat, it buzzes
    pretty bad. If you leave some relief, the action is less than ideal.
    Very tough to dial it in. Because of this, I rarely use it live. Kinda frustrating.
    The tuning is not very stable either, without using the bar.
    Not crazy about the Illuminator pickups either.

    Damn, I want to love the guitar, but it's fighting me!

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    Do you have pics of the plating issue? Necks move and to be honest all move after playing them for 30 minutes as they warm up. 7 strings? this may make the issue worse. Funny thing I find ibanez and EBMM best in neck stability. I had a custom 24 PRS brazilian that was unplayable.
    I wonder if your trussrod is migrating. You can label it and see if it moves an indicator with time. EBMM should be able to help if you if that is the case.

    Also gibson SGs LOL. Those necks just bow and wiggle. Part of the sound I think .

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    Neck adjustments are due to the guitar's environment not the manufacturing. I usually need to make seasonable adjustments but not more often than that.
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    Pickups, hardware, neck, action... sounds like it may not be the guitar for you.

    But, your guitar is still a young guitar and in my experience, necks take some time to settle in. I have several guitars that needed frequent adjustment over the first years of their life. After a while, they just settled in and with consistent environmental conditions, they rarely needed adjustment after that.

    Also, wood is a natural and varying product. No two necks are identical and can have their unique ways of settling in. Just as different guitars tend to have different action, ideal or not for any particular user. You may think about having a pro look at your frets to make sure they are level. This could enable you to have better action.

    I've got nothing for you on the hardware or pickups. I return to the possibility that this guitar may not be a good match for you.

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    The smoked chrome plating is a known issue since when the first Majesty came out. That's why they stopped using it and install matte black and chrome hardware now. You can purchase the new hardware should you wish to do so. Also, contact the customer support and if I'm not mistaken they will replace your smoked chrome hardware with the new one.

    Neck shifting is obviously due to environmental factors.

    Tuning may be due to improper setup of the guitar. I would suggest that you properly setup the instrument and see how it goes. You shouldn't have any issues.

    Pickups can always be swapped.

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