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Thread: Cutlass RS availability in Canada

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    Cutlass RS availability in Canada

    Hi everyone,

    I'm interested in a Cutlass RS (SSS config) and for some reason I'm having a hard time finding them around here. I live in Toronto where you would expect the highest availability, but Long & McQuade (our nation-wide music store) only has 3 colours of the HSS model on their website, and they're all back ordered 6 months. Other music stores in Toronto and in Canada don't have much more, if anything.

    So what's up with that?

    PS I contacted Sweetwater to see if they'd ship here and they said they could probably make an exception but I would have to pay duties, which would be brutal on a $2149 USD guitar, warranty would be void, etc etc

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    Too bad the border is closed - could have had a road trip. Situation same in UK. The distributor here is closed until further notice from my last dealing with then - due to Covid
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    I live in Canada as well and I ordered a Cutlass through Westcoast guitars. They did not have one is stock so I placed a deposit and the build was sent to the good ppl at EBMM. I paid the remaining when Westcoast guitar received my Cutlass then shipped it to me. It was a bit of a wait but totally worth it.

    Hope that helps.
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    OP: I sympathize with you! May I ask what color you were interested in acquiring? I have a like-new Cutlass SSS in Vintage Turqoise I would consider parting with. PM me if interested.

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    Hey- nice find! (Quickly talking myself out of buying it ...)

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