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Thread: Help needed with Jp Majesty Tremelo

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    Help needed with Jp Majesty Tremelo


    I recently bought a JP majesty guitar (and absolutely love it!!) but the trem arm was flopping quite a lot and making a sort of knocking sounds everytime I used it. I took off the back plate to tighten the hole next to the strings with an allen key which fixed it, however when I looked back at that same hole, there now seems to be some sort of screw there? And now the allen key wont fit in the hole and I can't turn it. Is this a common problem and could anyone give me any advice on how to fix it?

    Screenshot - f499932cf26306c61c1b98b61db78721 - Gyazo

    Many thanks!

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    That is not the way to tighten the vibrato bar.

    The proper way is to dive the bridge all the way and look at the back of the trem-block. There is a small Allen screw that you can tighten your bar.

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    Yeah I saw that as well and wondered why there were two of them? Cause the one I tightened behind the back plate actually tightened the vibrato bar so I'm confused why it worked if it's not the way I'm supposed to do it? I watched a video where a guy said you had to remove the backplate to tighten a music man vibrato bar and now I've seen a couple of people tell me to dive the bridge instead so I'm rather confused...

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    The screw shown in your picture is to adjust how far down the bar goes before snapping/locking into place. When you tightened it there was probably some added resistance from pushing the bar tighter to the retaining spring. The correct way to adjust how easily the bar spins is to dive the tremolo, look at the edge of the trem block just behind the High E saddle area, and adjust that hex screw until the bar moves to your liking.
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    If you kept tightening the bottom grub screw, it may have gone right out of the threads, and your trem arm might also not be "locking in" correctly.
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