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Thread: String Heights for Steve Morse model

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    String Heights for Steve Morse model

    Does anyone have details of the string heights of the Steve Morse model.

    Mine seems a little high and I want to get an idea of what it would have had when it left the factory.

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    I do not know if it is useful to know the factory string heights. The string heights can change every day, because if the weather changes, the action changes (and I'm quite sure that the weather of California is not exactly the same as the beautiful, sunny and nice English weather ...).
    Did you try to change the action (with the wheel) ?

    Besides, the factory Morse has specific string gauges (the ones Steve uses). I presume that you use regular string gauges (9-42 or 10-46) thus the action is different if you do not change it.

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    Most EBMM guitars leave the factory with the same string height:

    Factory string setting for standard tuning starts at the bass side 4/64" (1.59 mm) to 5/64" (1.98 mm) and the treble side is 3/64" (1.19 mm) to 4/64" (1.59 mm) measured from the 12th fret to the bottom of the strings.

    What is different about the Morse is the pickup height. If you search, you should be able to find a thread where the factory pickup heights are listed. The morse pickups are designed to be relatively far from the strings when compared to other humbucking pickups.
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    If you want the pickup heights of Steve guitars (measurement made by Tommy, Steve's guitar tech) :

    main y2d pickups are currently as follows.
    bridge single=4/32
    bridge hummer=4/32

    6/32 neck humbucker
    6/32 slanted single (pickup cover is flush w/ the pickguard)
    9/64 bridge single
    9/64 bridge humbucker

    this varies on the y2d on the bridge hummer pickup from time to time (slightly)

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    I also just know the pickup settings from the factory like fbecir said. The Morse is relatively easy to set up as you don´t have individual saddles. make sure the neck is nearly straight (tap a string on first and last fret and see if the string has space in the middle of it). Then adjust the bridge to your need. Then you can always fine tune it with just a little amount of truss rod wheel turning.
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    Thanks for all the feedback. I have tweaked the truss rod and the neck is straight and now the action sits at 1.5mm on the bass side at 12th fret, which is good for me.

    I'll see what the pickup heights are like. Thankfully I have metric and imperial setup kits
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