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Thread: Silhouette Special 1995 Neck & Cleaning

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    Silhouette Special 1995 Neck & Cleaning

    Hey Guys,

    I recently purchased a 1995 Silhouette Special with a maple neck. It certainly needs a little bit of cleaning around the neck area. Do you know, which finish the neck has? Depending an that, I would start cleaning it (the neck as well as the fretboard). Any advice on that?

    Appreciate the feedback!

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    Do you have any pictures? Is it a finished neck, or is it like bare wood? If it's discolored, then it probably has the Gunstock oil and Wax blend. You should see a change in color around the nut, because the headstocks are all finished with polyurethane.

    EBMM has a video about this: YouTube

    Some also go a bit further, and pull the neck and totally refinish it.
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