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Thread: Majesty has a problem: Need Help!

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    Angry Majesty has a problem: Need Help!

    So vague title aside, I need help identifying a problem with my Majesty. It's an older model, one of the earlier monarchy series of guitars. I've recently run into a problem where the guitar will out of nowhere lose a ton of gain and basically give out on the sound. And on top of that, it will play in full piezo setting even though the piezo volume is completely off. After that, it will sometimes completely cut out. I've tried unplugging and re-plugging in my cable and even switching the batteries. I can almost safely say that its neither of those that are causing the problem and think its purely hardware related. But in case it's not and anyone on this forum has had the same problem what can I do to fix it or if I will need to take it to a tech?

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    Sounds like you should contact the EBMM customer service.

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