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Thread: How to change strings on my Luke III BFR

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    How to change strings on my Luke III BFR

    Hi everyone, am changing strings on my Luke III BFR, and I looked up Ernie Ball's website. Their advice differs for (i) Schaller locking tuners, and (ii) double locking tremolos (screenshot attached).

    I don't think my Luke III BFR has a double locking tremolo, only the locking tuners, so I think I ought to follow the advice for (i). But I'm not sure. Can anyone advise please? Didn't want to do the wrong thing and ask the question after the event! (Screenshots of the specs attached.)

    And if you have any dos and don'ts re changing strings on this guitar, please let me know.


    How to change strings on my Luke III BFR-screen-shot-2020-06-16-12-53-38-pm-jpg
    How to change strings on my Luke III BFR-screen-shot-2020-06-16-12-53-53-pm-png
    How to change strings on my Luke III BFR-screen-shot-2020-06-16-12-54-02-pm-png

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    Follow number one since your guitar is only the Schaller locking tuners. Number two is just for the guitars they've done with Floyds so some of the Axis's ,JP16 etc.

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    Thanks so much. And when I put the string through, do I need to leave some slack for the tuning peg to be able to turn? Just wondering what's the reason they say it's ideal to have less than one full wind on the tuner post.
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    No, just pull taught, screw the thumbscrew up and then tune
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    Because the Luke floats, it can be a pain to get it up to pitch- it's an iterative process of tightening the string, then having the bridge pull forward. So, it's not a bad idea to replace one or two strings at a time (though the trem is on an angle, not flush- so ignore that big).

    Alternately, you can stick something under the trem if you take all the strings off (what I do). A rubber doorstop works well, or some cardboard, etc. Just to preserve the angle of the bridge and make things easier for you.

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