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I need to do a NGD post. The guitar is great other than some tuning issues I am having with it. Trying figure it out. Bridge is to the body. I put new strings all be it 9s instead of the factory installed 10s.just needed a slight adjust on the intonation not much. Neck is where I like it and action. Is right at 1.5mm. I need to start looking at the nut and saddles. I will say the neck feels fabulous. I am liking the neck better than my silos and Luke. It is close to the feel of a jp but more curved. The neck even feels better than my jp12. The pickups sound great but not as hot as I would like them to be. They seem to be 10 15 dB quite than my Luke when I plug into my interface. Still hoping that axis burl top comes available.
Mate, that sabre has my mouth watering like Pavlov’s dog