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Thread: Wiring/Grounding question about "that metal thingy" inside the cavity.

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    Wiring/Grounding question about "that metal thingy" inside the cavity.


    I have an Axis. There is a piece of metal screwed to the wood inside the control cavity which looks like it is used as a ground connection.

    This seems like a good idea that I could potentially use on my other guitars when I'm messing around changing components. My question is if anyone here can explain how it works/how it should be wired so that I don't create a problem/loop. My guitars have typically employed the back of the volume pot as ground.

    I'm in the process of completely rewiring a Pacifica with 1 volume 1 tone, HSS pickups.

    Would this work?
    - screw piece of metal to inside of control cavity
    - attach ground wires from bridge, jack and both pots to the metal piece instead of to volume pot

    If so, would I still have to bend the third "eye" back on the volume pot to create a ground there?
    Also, does it matter what kind of metal I use for the ground?


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    The control cavity is shielded with conductive paint (which is under the color coat). That metal washer screwed into the wood provides the connection to ground for the shielding (without which it wouldn't work).

    Honestly, with or without shielding paint, there is not reason why you could not use a similar idea to ground the pickups to, but I think the back of the volume pots are better to connect to. It's often more convenient, less wires heading in different directions, which means less chance of accidental breakage poking around in there, especially if a pickguard is involved, and we know the volume pot takes solder easily and well, which some metal washers may not. And yes, lug 3 of the volume pot must be connected to ground or the volume control will not function correctly. As the back of the pot must also be connected to ground, bending the lug over and soldering it is the easiest thing to do.
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    Very interesting.

    Merci DrKev

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