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Thread: Authenticity of EBMM EVH ad

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    Authenticity of EBMM EVH ad

    Hi - looking for help please. I noticed an EBMM EVH listed for sale, and looking through the pictures of the headstock, I realized that the Schaller tuners were different to the ones on mine (EBMM EVH '94 Trans Red). Mine have the factory fit 'S' logo with 'Made in Germany' etched on them, which I have seen on numerous guitars. The one on the website had tuners with 'Schaller' etched on them (and nothing else). I am wondering if these were factory fit, or whether the guy changed them over. According to the serial number listed, the guitar was made in May 1995, so towards the end of the production run.

    Hope you can help!

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    Photos would help on this.
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    I would also add that this is not the photo that I saw - I couldn’t upload for some reason. But the tuners look identical to the ones on the EBMM EVH! Thanks again

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