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Thread: Cleaining the fretboard of Majesty Monarchy

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    Cleaining the fretboard of Majesty Monarchy

    I own a Majesty Monarchy which has a polished ebony fretboard. In time sweat and dead skin residue build up on the fretboard and I am not sure how to clean it. I would use my lemon oil on a rosewood fretboard but I have no experience with polished ebony fretboards. My fear is to damage the polish. What is a proper way to clean it? Thanks!

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    It's not really "polished". Ebony just has that very shiny close grained texture. You can use lemon oil or many swear by EBMM wonder wipes.
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    I have used wonder wipes on an ebony board before with great results. I use them on all non maple fretboards.
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    Thanks a lot for the tip!

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    Thank you for the response. I will give it a try with my lemon oil. Later I will get myself some wonder wipes.

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