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Thread: New EBMM - Buckeye Burl Axis SS

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    New EBMM - Buckeye Burl Axis SS

    Just finished fine tuning the setup on my new Axis SS. It might take some time to get used to the neck binding, but overall very happy with my 3rd Axis.

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    That’s incredible, the black hardware really works well the finish,

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    Congrats, love it and I think the bindings on these and other models look fantastic.

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    Yeah, that's insanely gorgeous. I have a burl L3, and I really love the look.

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    ...whoa... !!!
    Balls are Best!!

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    I really like the black hardware and pickup covers! Beautiful guitar!

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    Superb, congratulations!!

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    Wow - nice! Can you show us the back?
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    Congrats! That is a beauty! Buckeye Burl AxisSS is always on my G.A.S list
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    She looks gorgeous, lively but not overdone. And this seems to be the very guitar from the EBMM product photo shoot? Nice catch indeed!
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    Oh man, what a sweet top. You will love that Axis. Congrats!

    I have her sister and she is a keeper.

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    Oh I am so goddamn jealous!! That buckeye burl together with the black hardware. So awesome. Both tops - although so different - each an eyecatcher and so beautiful.
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    Beautiful guitar

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    Pretty awesome that you got the initial one that EBMM used as the poster child for this BFR run! That's extra cool. Congrats on a good score!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingdoublecut View Post
    Wow - nice! Can you show us the back?
    Thanks to everyone for the nice comments.

    Yes, it is the guitar from the photo shoot on the website.

    As requested, here is the gloss mahogany back and a very nice satin neck. Enjoy!

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    2007 BCB Axis SS w/piezo
    2013 Solar Burst Axis SS BFR

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