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Thread: LUKE III 12db 15db Boost

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    LUKE III 12db 15db Boost

    I just got a used Luke iii. I cannot really detect any difference in the boost. I think I may be able to hear a very slight one but it may be just trying to hear it, its that minute. I know it can also be increased to 15db but wondering if thats what everyone else experiences or the boost should be noticeable.

    I had a Tumescent hss before for a short time and really didnt remember checking it closely. I didnt care for the sound and feel of it. It was kind of thin and “pingy” sounding to me after setting it to factory specs and wondered if it was just a one off or not the right guitar for me considering how popular they are. I wanted to try a roasted maple and found one locally for a great deal. It was set up by the last owner’s guitar guy and was somewhat off. I set the bridge and action back to specs and still have to resolve a few strings going flat which I’ll get figured out but the sound and feel is blowing me away, it seems like a completely different guitar than the other one I played. Maybe its just the difference in the hss vs this hh configuration. Its the first guitar that Is making me not go right back to my Axis guitars that I love so much. Now I see why everyone loves them, you can play anything on it.

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    In my experience, the boost is easily noticeable. I haven’t been into my L3, so not sure what pot controls that, but you should be able to adjust the boost to taste.
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    I can't agree more. The boost is easily noticeable with clean or distorted sounds.
    Maybe you have to change the battery or adjust the boost with the internal trim pot. It's the second pot from the left.
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    Ill look at it. Maybe it was adjusted before. I thought the lowest setting was 12db from the factory so even at that you would be able to tell when its engaged. The first thing I did was change the battery, didnt detect a difference.

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