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Thread: Gigbag recommendations?

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    Gigbag recommendations?

    Hi All,

    I gig a lot regionally and with theatrical productions and Iíve always found for me, since Iím not throwing my gear in a trailer, thag a quality gigbag has been a lot more practical for me than a hard shell case. Since EBMM guitars are shorter and, at least for the Luke II, the bodies tend to be a little smaller, Iím finding it really slides around a lot in the bag I usually like to use.

    Does anyone have recommendations for a quality protective bag that fits these guitars well?


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    I've been using the Mono ones for years. The M80 and a Vertigo. (They're both awesome, though I prefer the Vertigo.)

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    I use the Mono Sleeve gig bag and I luuuuurve it. It's a tight fit (you have to open the zippers all the way and push the guitar down in there) and it has a neck support and the guitar will not move an inch when it's in. I bought it for travelling so I could have something that I felt offered sufficient protection if I could not get the guitar in an aircraft's overhead locker and it had to go in the hold with strollers and other small luggage. But, it's also then most comfortable gig bag I have ever worn. I LOVE having it on my back and I really do spend a lot of time walking around this city with a guitar (or would do without coronavirus). I love that come sin grey. Classy color! The big flap and buckle is a pain but you get used to it.
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    I carry my MM in a Reunion Blues Aero and really trust it.
    + Superior protection/built
    + Looks great
    - Really small pockets

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    Keep them coming! Anyone with a snug fit for a Silo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen View Post

    Keep them coming! Anyone with a snug fit for a Silo?
    Hey Stephen, I had an old Ernie Ball gigbag made by Levi back in the day that held my silo great. I would chuck in/out the car, throw on top of tables and for lack of a better word not gentle. Very secure bag.

    I have nothing but hardshells these days and im sure the ones recommended are much better along with being newer. If ya can grab an old EBMM gigbag... It'll serve ya just fine!
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    Thirded on the Mono bags. It's all I use at this point unless I'm bringing a hard case.

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    I use the 2 guitar Mono bag for 2 Axis(es). Gigged at least monthly for 7 years with no issues other than cosmetics.

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    Thanks everybody. I have a mono vertigo I’ve been using for another guitar but the Luke just seems to swim in it. I’ll have to check out the sleeve model and the RB bag!

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    Check out Fusion gig bags. Supreme quality.

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    RBX line by Reunion Blues is very protective & well-made. I've got a double gig bag & I carry two solid body electrics to the gig no problem.

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    Gator Transit is nice. I use one for my jp. Lots of fit options with movable supports. Its almost just a portable case in a way. Great for the price. Lots of storage options and pockets too.
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