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Thread: Macca With a Right-handed Silo?

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    Macca With a Right-handed Silo?

    From Sir Paul's email blasts called "What's That You're Doing?" This one is about the "Flaming Pie" reissue.

    There's another thread here that shows Macca with a left-handed AL. Can't imagine there's a shot of him playing this (or any other) Silo, but if there is...

    The new GQ article shows him playing a lefty '54 Tele and a Taylor acoustic. Would love for him to publish a coffee table book of the instruments in his collection.
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    It's a blurry photo, but it kind of looks like he's using it as a feedback generator (waving it in front of an amp) so it's probably not his, but one that belongs to either the studio or one of the players who was in the studio with him at that time.

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    BP and EBMM posted a few of these photos in the past month or two, there was a righty and a lefty.

    Here's the link:
    Paul McCartney Announces Reissue of ‘Flaming Pie’ with his Custom Ernie Ball Music Man Guitar from the 90’s – Ernie Ball Blog
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