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Thread: JP6 Piezo/Mono Output Jack Replacement

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    Angry JP6 Piezo/Mono Output Jack Replacement

    Hey, asked Music Man Customer Service for help regarding Piezo/Mono Output Jack Replacement on my JP6. As a reply I received:

    "Thanks for playing Ernie Ball Music Man!

    Replacement jacks or output modules are available for purchase. The output modules are proprietary so we require the original one to be sent back to the factory (to be retained) before we can sell the replacement.

    To better assist you, what is the serial number and where are you located?"

    So my question is: Why should I send back the original module? I can't get why I should return the original one, as module a the part of guitar, it's my property.

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    MM's policy has always been that they don't sell (most) proprietary parts unless they are direct replacements for the originals.

    So while you're correct that the output module is your property, it is non-functioning. So you can keep it and try to fix it, or return it and get a functioning one.

    I get why that's a pain. But they do it this way so that there aren't a bunch of Frankenstein guitars on the market that aren't real MM's (with some MM parts and some other parts), etc.

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    Thanks a lot for reply, beej.

    I replied to Customer Service's email but still no answer regarding this matter

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    You can also try reaching out to Daniel - customerexperience@ernieball.com. Maybe the email just got lost in the shuffle.

    Good luck!

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    I asked MM the same question a few years ago and the reason you need a new module is because the jacks are direct mounted to the motherboard in the preamp. Its an expensive part to say the least and the new preamps are designed to work with the newer piezo saddles. The older saddles may or may not work correctly. There are posters that claim they have changed just the jacks. My tech said replacing the jacks is dicey and it would be easy to damage the preamp. The jacks are not standard and have multiple contact points internally which you can see with a bright light.
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    I have an unused JP6 module ... just saying ;-)
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