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Thread: What is the ownership structure of the Ernie ball company

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    What is the ownership structure of the Ernie ball company

    I ask, because, whatever their marketing defects, family owned businesses, seem to produce underlying better quality products than their shareholder owned equivalents.

    Ref: Martin guitar compared with it's equivalents, or in the Uk, Glenfiddich whiskey compared with Glenlivet or Fortnum and Masons compared with Harrods(which has not been in the Harrods family for a long time)

    Yes the above statements could be taken as gross generalisations.

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    Pretty sure it is purely family owned - Sterling and Sons are the heads afaik. I tend to agree with you about ownership - it keeps it focused and keeps the passion in the company
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    I’ll just have to marry in somehow . . . The hard way! Lol

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    Thanks for the replies. I wondered why so many EBMM were branded 'Sterling', at first I thought it was a hard sell 'Americanism', because calling a product Sterlng' other than silver bullion, in the UK is like a naff way of calling something the 'the best standard' which would'nt make sense given Sterling seems to be used for their value sub-brand.

    Although I do like the Music man products over Fender or PRS(I've got the USA silhouette and a Sterling SB14 bass) I think the guitar names and the way they are categorized might be a bit dysfunctional for the uninformed buyer.

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