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Thread: NGD - Music Man July 2020 BFR Silhouette Silver Flake Sparkle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cenobyte View Post
    I'll get around to it very soon for sure, busy week so far! I'll post some pics I didn't post here as well etc
    COOL!!! Thanx man, whenever, keeping that thread alive.

    Glenn |B)
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    Albert Lee 3 MM90's in White Sparkle (Hardtail) [8/14/2001] [NOS Just pure awesomeness]
    Albert Lee HH in Black Sugar (Hartail) [1/06/2011] [BFR with the 12th fret logo]

    Like BP said in the Chapman video "You've got a room full of guitars, and no money!! @ 6:00"

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    LOVE that 2020 Silo!

    Post a clip of that baby!
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    WOW, what a great Silo, congrats!

    Thank you for the pics!
    I felt direcrly in love with that axe

    May you tell more about the pickup sound of the Super Distortion and the Chopper?
    I had a SD in the neck in my HSH Silo but it was little bit to bassy via Kemper Amp over headphones.

    best regards from Germany

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiloCologne View Post
    May you tell more about the pickup sound of the Super Distortion and the Chopper?
    I had a SD in the neck in my HSH Silo but it was little bit to bassy via Kemper Amp over headphones.
    Thanks a bunch!

    For sounds, the Super Distortion does have some extra bass in it (as you probably know the pickup is profiled to have some extra bass for punch) it isn't super bassy to me, it's a tight sounding pickup which handles distortion well with maybe a little bit of added expansion due to the upped bass.

    The Chopper on the other hand is quite bassy in the middle position of this guitar... to a point where I'm not sure I'd use it very often as it stands right now. It's a bit of a strange pickup for me, and I think it's position on the body in relation to the longer neck is affecting how it sounds possibly. I do need to play with it more for sure.

    The Super 2 is also a bit bassy but not as much as you'd maybe want it to be in the neck (It's got some treble in it) which is weird to me, but I am getting used to it and can hear some of it's merits!

    Overall the guitar sounds huge and I'm enjoying a few of the 5 positions, but it is missing some glassy tones you'd get from splitting and wiring up a few positions in parallel (everything is in series on this guitar). Because I'm a gigging musician who brings one guitar to a gig, I may swap out these pickups for something which suits my style a bit more. I would likely built it from scratch on it's own mirror guard from Pickguard Planet and drop it in so I don't destroy the original factory electronics. Otherwise I may just get this rewired to a more traditional HSH 5 way with a couple split options.

    For me this guitar visually was a bit of a dream guitar so the electronics didn't matter quite as much verses knowing the neck shape, fit/feel and of course the beautiful finish were all on point, I've wanted an all silver guitar for a long time and have love for the SIlo as a guitar so I knew i'd be happy there... electronics can be altered without too much pain!

    Albert Lee HH
    Silhouette BFR July '20
    Cutlass SSS
    Reflex GC HSHP

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    Wow! That's gorgeous! Congrats!

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