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Thread: Music Man guitar distribution in Canada? It's getting better!

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    Music Man guitar distribution in Canada? It's getting better!

    Hey folks, I briefly touched on this in my NGD Silver Silo post last week, but Canada has always had a distinct lack of Music Man guitars available to us. They're out there, and you could order something you wanted generally (and wait months for it to be built and shipped) but overall you were stuck with whatever the store managed to get in stock. Basically a right place, right time situation... this is how I picked up my first Silo Special and then my ALHH and pretty much every other EBMM guitar I've own until recently, they just happened to be in stock at my local Long and McQuade. And thank gad they were, because these guitars have been game changers (pun intended, I can do that because I own one) for me.

    So the reason for this post is to just let fellow Canadian forum users know that I've seen a change in distribution this year and last... things seem to be getting better! I remember hearing something about distribution chains changing in the last couple years and this may have affected us getting more options for EBMM stuff. Currently on the Long and McQuade website they have had the last few BFR lines available and in stock from the distributor (which means a very fast 2-5 day type turn around generally). As of today they have the AL P90 and Axis Baritone from the July BFR lineup in stock as well as the Gremlin Majesty from April... and a few others from months past which haven't sold yet (and others which have)... as well as the new Luke varieties (though they aren't shown as in stock yet).

    Anyway that's it. My BFR buying spree this year has been done via a smallish Canadian music store out of Quebec. I honestly though the Silver Sparkle Silo was going to be next to impossible to get, but sure enough that music store Quebec got them right on schedule along with other US music places... and I didn't just jump to pick it up, I leapt! Great news for EBMM fans in Canada, though perhaps not the best news for our bank accounts!
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    My wallet is not going to like this.

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