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Thread: Floating bridge setup question

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    If it floats, it'll go out of tune when you bend a string. How much depends on the tension. But there's no magic there

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeller View Post
    My MM guitar bridges are all set to float - accomplished by loosening the claw springs and tuning etc to get to the desired float - where as the bridge leans forward towards the pickups and is raised at the back of the bridge.

    I took one my guitars into one of the best local tech's for a setup etc who asked me the normal questions and if I wanted bridge decked or floating.

    When I got it back the bridge is indeed floating (I can raise and lower pitch) however it is parallel to the front of the guitar. In other words - he raised the bridge plate height at the posts so it is flat from front to back and is floating off the body.

    Have any of you ever done that or heard of that? It works fine, but i am honestly not sure I like it - the trem feels stiffer and I have to remove the bar to close the case lid without detuning.

    Thank you for your time! Keep well friends.
    Mike, can you post a pic so that we can see how drastic the bridge plate height is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoKart Mozart View Post
    Mike, can you post a pic so that we can see how drastic the bridge plate height is?

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    Here it is. Functionally it is perfectly fine - the only thing I don't like is that it has made the trem arm sit higher and leaving it on in the case de-tunes the guitar. Sorry its a fuzzy picture - but you can see how the front of the bridge is raised above the pickguard - whereas I am used to it be closer to the body.


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    I set up my Albert Lee SSS to float like that, though a little more extremely. I've come to love the amount of expressiveness that the setup provides, oblique bends don't work exactly the same way but I've come to make it work when I need it (plus I have a stingray that I keep decked for just this reason!). It's not super normal but if you wanna see the potential of this setup, just listen to Nadia by Jeff Beck, he's the reason I set up the Al like this.

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